Calibration and Test Equipment Management

Calibration and Test Equipment Management

The comparability of measurement results is more important in the present era of globalization than it has been at any other time in the past. The professional management of testing equipment is a fundamental requirement to guarantee, increase and optimize quality. We guarantee full correlation with national standards for test equipment of all physical variables and we are your competent partner for all-in-one test equipment management.

In other words, we provide a comprehensive service to the highest standards of measuring technology.

  • DAkkS / DKD Calibration
    • Parallel gage blocks to 800 mm, made of steel and ceramics
    • Line scales to 600 mm
    • Object measurement plates and object micrometers
    • Cylindrical setting gages, plug gages, ring gages, test pins
    • Spheres
    • Length measuring machines
    • Plane-parallel glass plates
  • Calibration to ISO Standard

    (Factory Calibration)

    • Calibration to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2617, 2618 and 2622
    • Optical test equipment and all handheld measuring tools for mechanical variables
    • Force, pressure and temperature measuring machines
    • Electrical test equipment, crimp tools
    • Calibration and maintenance of length measuring machines (ULM 600 and ZKM)
    • Calibration of alignment and testing devices
    • Climatic test technology
    • Cleanroom monitoring
    • IT-supported test equipment management system
    • Test equipment repair service
  • Equipment
    • Mahr end-gage testing station
    • Line scale comparator
    • Laser wavelength measurement standard
    • Laser length measuring machines
    • Laser power gages
    • Universal length gages
    • Dial gage and indicating caliper measuring station
    • Coordinate measuring machines
    • Interferometer
    • Talyrond 290 profile testers
    • AKF elcomat
    • Mirror polygons
    • Precision goniometer
    • Fluke calibrator
    • Temperature measurement standards
    • Calibration station for environmental parameters
    • Force and torque testing station