chemical auxiliary materials and supplies

Chemical Auxiliary Materials and Supplies

One of the main factors underpinning our company's performance and success is the quality of our products and services.

Our success also requires a cost-efficient and high-performance chemical and materials service which ensures the economical fulfillment of products' reliability and quality requirements throughout the product creation process. We achieve this through the provision of the following services: appropriate application consultation, development and provision of customized chemical auxiliary materials and supplies, accurate and fast chemical analysis and materials expertise.

Thanks to our skilled and methodical interdisciplinary knowledge, we can offer you extensive support and advice on chemical/ technical and materials issues regarding your supporting processes and during the development, production engineering and production stages.

Through a variety of products and procedures, we enable you to easily access the decades of experience of our chemical and materials service  and to successfully find and deploy a solution to your issues.

We offer:

  • appropriate application consultation
  • development and provision of custom-made chemical auxiliary materials and supplies
  • highly-accurate and fast chemical analysis
  • expert materials inspections