ZEISS at Camerimage 2020

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Join ZEISS at this year’s Camerimage International Film Festival. Visit our booth at the virtual Camerimage Market to learn more about our cinematography lenses, watch short films as well as trailers for feature films and TV series shot with ZEISS lenses or get in touch with us to ask questions and discuss cinematography topics.

ZEISS live seminars at Camerimage 2020

Laurent Tangy, AFC on shooting ‘BAC Nord’ with ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance

Tuesday, 16th November at 11 AM CET

In the summer of 2019, Laurent Tangy, AFC and director Cédric Jimenez (‘The Connection’ , ‘The Man with the Iron Heart’) reunited for their 3rd joint feature, ‘BAC Nord’, which is also the first feature film ever shot with ZEISS Supreme Primes Radiance lenses.

‘BAC Nord’ delves into the dangerous but also deeply humane northern neighborhoods of Marseilles, in the footsteps of a field brigade (‘la BAC’) trapped in a judicial scandal as they have to cross yellow lines to meet the expectations of their hierarchy.

Laurent will tell us how he used large format and the specific look of Supreme Prime Radiance to give a “visceral feeling” to this true story, recalled from the point of view of the characters, while paying homage to Marseilles, the director's hometown. Yov Moor, colorist, will also join, to talk about his contribution to the overall mood of the film, and his take on the choice of lenses from his point of view.

Laurent Tangy, AFC
Yov Moor

Glen MacPherson, ASC, CSC on lensing ‘Monster Hunter’ with ZEISS Supreme Prime

Tuesday, 17th November at 3:30 PM CET

Cinematographer Glen MacPherson, ASC, CSC is a master at capturing images of epic proportions with a remarkable body of work including Rambo, 16 Blocks, and the technical achievement that is the Resident Evil franchise. His latest feat, ‘Monster Hunter’, is based on the global video game series phenomenon of the same name and marks another collaboration with Director Paul W.S. Anderson.

During this virtual discussion, we will delve into the making of this behemoth production which leveraged ZEISS Supreme Primes lenses and metadata recording capabilities and explore the intricacies of adapting a popular video game for the big screen.

Glen MacPherson, ASC, CSC
Snehal Patel, ZEISS