ZEISS CinCraft Scenario

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Demo Overview

We offer several 60-minute demo slots over the months to come. Use the calendar to choose the date and time that suits you best. The demo is presented in English.

It touches upon the following topics:

  • Hardware Overview
    A walkthrough of hardware parts, including their connections and function.
  • Lens Data
    The different methods and ways of recording lens data explained.
  • Software Setup
    A walkthrough of the CinCraft Scenario software, from project creation to tracking setup.
  • Studio Setup
    Ideal configurations for efficient tracking.
  • Unreal Engine Demo
    Passing the tracking data to Unreal Engine.
  • Recommendations
    Tips and tricks to better understand which type of tracking to use in your shooting environment.
  • Live Q&A
    Ask our product specialist.
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ZEISS CinCraft Scenario