Please replace the carrying straps on your ZEISS binoculars
For customers

It has come to our attention that the legal limits for certain PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) have been exceeded in some batches of carrying straps for our binoculars. The limit values were not exceeded in the binoculars themselves.

We would therefore ask that you replace the straps on your
ZEISS binoculars from the series:

  • Conquest HD
  • Victory SF, HT, RF, NV, FL, Pocket
  • Terra ED 32 and Terra ED 42
  • 20x60S.

Please also replace the straps on Dialyt 8x56 GA T*, Dialyt 8x56 GA T* limited edition and 7x50 GA T* Marine.

Please use the webform below to order a new strap directly from ZEISS; The Replacement is completely free of charge, we will assume the shipping costs. 

No ZEISS binoculars have been affected; the same goes for the straps on the Terra ED Pocket 8x25 and 10x25 as well as Comfort Carrying Strap and Air Cell Comfort Carrying Strap.

You can dispose of the old strap as normal household waste.

All binoculars that ZEISS shipped starting from July 23rd, 2019 already come with the new carrying straps. If you bought new binoculars from one of our ZEISS dealers after this date, please contact your dealer directly to make sure that the straps were already exchanged before they were shipped to you.

If you have any questions, please call our free hotline on 0049 800 934 77 33 or send an email to consumer products @zeiss .com.

Your ZEISS Consumer Products Team

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