ZEISS Anniversary Offer upon Product Purchase

Receive the Comprehensive Collins Bird Guide App Free of Charge

ZEISS has been developing optical devices that are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers since the company was founded 175 years ago. Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, and Otto Schott were three visionaries who changed the world with their achievements in the field of optics. Ultimately, they laid the foundations for all of the technologies that are still used in binoculars and spotting scopes around the world today. It is this innovative spirit that has inspired all of the developments at ZEISS from the very beginning and makes the company a technological pioneer even after 175 years.

In celebration of our 175th anniversary, we are making it especially easy for you to enter the fascinating world of birdwatching! Receive the Collins Bird Guide app featuring all the species of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East free of charge with the purchase of a pair of ZEISS binoculars or a spotting scope and enjoy access to the extensive identification details, maps, and a birdcall database.

The Collins Bird Guide App

The Collins Bird Guide app is based on the bird identification book by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, and Dan Zetterström, which is known as the standard European nature guide. Developed by birdwatchers for birdwatchers, the app features illustrations, maps, and a comprehensive birdcall database, providing everything you need to successfully identify the focus of your observations. A rapid search function combined with the helpful feature of being able to compare species that are often mistakenly identified rounds out the app, making it an indispensable companion that is always quickly at hand.

Download the Collins Bird Guide app from your app store. View the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store here.

How to Receive the App Free of Charge

After purchasing your ZEISS product, please submit all of the required information using the product registration form below. You will then receive a confirmation email from us with a promo code that you can use to submit a cashback claim for the purchase price of the app. After you have purchased the app through the respective app store, you can upload the proof of purchase and claim your rebate on this page. All product registrations we receive during the anniversary promotional period will automatically be entered into our sweepstakes to win a birding trip to Colombia with our partner Rockjumper Birding Tours and other exciting prizes.

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