ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM

Come a little closer.

This elegant Tele is the ideal travel companion for portrait and landscape photography and offers stunning images at nearly any distance.

Combined with a 35 mm Biogon wide-angle lens, the ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM makes for a classic combination for countless fascinating subjects. The image quality of the Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM is equal to the high aperture models in the lens program. It is almost distortion free and adjusted to the field of curvature as well as to all other defects in color. With the shortest camera-to-subject distance of only 0.9 meters it delivers brilliant pictures at any distance. The all-metal mount and the robust construction turn it into a universal tele lens, even under extremely rough conditions.

ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM
ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM
ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM

Excellent image quality

The range of ZEISS T*® lenses offers the highest possible standards in terms of performance, reliability and, of course, image quality. Quite simply, they are superior in every way. You can count on highly advanced flare control for crisp and brilliant images, for example. And virtually zero geometric distortion, ensuring precise accuracy when reproducing shapes – especially useful when photographing products and architecture.

Smooth, precise focusing

Manually focusing a lens means controlling the image result from your fingertips. A good ergonomic design makes all the difference. The user-friendly focusing ring on ZEISS lenses with an ergonomic finger rest is perfect for fast, precise focusing. Changes are immediately visible in the viewfinder. The high-quality focusing mechanism moves smoothly without play, thus also supporting the intuitive interaction with the focal plane.

Ideal aperture properties

Photographers want to guide the observer through the image. Minimal depth of focus is often used as a design element. This keeps the background intentionally blurred to keep the attention of the observer on the main subject. The ZM lenses feature ten aperture blades. The almost circular aperture helps to create a particularly harmonious effect in the out-of-focus areas of the picture (bokeh).

ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating

The optical elements of ZEISS lenses feature T*® anti-reflective coating on all surfaces and an optical design that guarantees images of superior brilliance at all times, even in unfavourable lighting conditions. We apply the anti-reflective coating to the lens surfaces by the vapour deposition of extremely thin, transparent layers on the glass. In this process, special substances are vaporized with extremely high energy in a high-vacuum environment and are subsequently deposited on the glass surfaces, one after another, as layers with precisely controlled thicknesses to achieve the desired reduction of reflective properties. The first coating techniques were employed by ZEISS as long ago as in the 1930s.

Robust design

The mount and control elements of all ZM lenses are made of metal and are designed for decades of intensive use. The high-quality craftsmanship of the all-metal mounts, the easy-to-grip metal focus and aperture ring and the robust front bayonet and filter threads ensure an amazing photographic experience.


Focal length

85 mm

Aperture range

f/4.0 – f/22

Camera Mount

Leica M-Mount* (ZM)

Format compatibility

Full Frame

Focusing range

0,90 m (35.43") – ∞

Free working distance

Angular field** (diag. horiz. vert.)

29° | 25° | 17°

Diameter of image field

Coverage at close range (MOD)**

320 x 210 mm (12.60 x 8.27")

Image ratio at minimum object distance

1 : 9

Lens elements | groups

5 | 3

Flange focal distance

Entrance pupil position (front of image plane)



Image Stabilization


Filter thread

M43 x 0.75

Rotation angle of focusing ring

Diameter max.

Diameter of focusing ring

Length (with lens caps)

Length (without lens caps)

95 mm (3.74")


310 g (10.93 oz)

ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM

Based on special types of high-index optical glass from the Schott Glaswerke and Dr. Paul Rudolph's optical design, the Tessar lens achieved world renown for its definition: the eagle eye of your camera. The ZEISS Tessar lens originally featured a four-lens design and is reflected in the product name: Tessar is derived from the Greek word tessares, meaning four.

Tessar Design



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ZEISS Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM



"The Zeiss ZM 85mm f/4 Tele-Tessar is a compact and low-cost high performance 85mm lens. Since any lens of 75/85/90mm focal length is..."

Lens Accessories

Round off the fully unique product experience.

When taking pictures, an optimal image is not the only consideration. Capturing that special experience also plays a key role. With their reliable functions, camera lenses from ZEISS ensure that photographers can fully concentrate on the image and composition, and bring their creativity to life. In order to perfect this experience, ZEISS now offers accessories tailored to the requirements of demanding photographers.

Obtain the extended warranty

Product Registration

ZEISS grants a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase for all its photographic lenses. This may be extended to three years after registering with ZEISS Online Registration. Although the ZEISS extended warranty is already available in numerous countries, claims under warranty may only be made in the country in which the product was purchased. 

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