Non-Warranty Repair

(Batis, Loxia, Milvus, Otus, Touit, Classic, ZM Lenses)

Non-Warranty repair service for ZEISS photo lenses (Batis, Loxia, Milvus, Otus, Touit, Classic, ZM Lenses), for service for vintage photo lenses (e.g. Hasselblad or Contax/Yashica lenses), please contact us for addresses of independent service centers.

To get your ZEISS photo lens checked and serviced, please follow these instructions:

  • You can contact our ZEISS distribution partner in your country. He will check your lens and forward it to the nearest ZEISS service for photo lenses

    Find your ZEISS distributor
  • You may also choose to carefully pack your lens and send it directly to one of the ZEISS Camera Lens Service addresses shown below along with a completed repair form. Please note that we can only accept requests accompanied by a correctly completed repair form. Please also print out this repair form and add it to the shipment.

ZEISS Authorized Service Provider
Herbert Geissler GmbH
Lichtensteinstraße 75,
72770 Reutlingen

ZEISS Consumer Products
COP Repair Service
1050 Worldwide Blvd
Hebron, KY 41048

  • Please note, when you send in the lens for repair you will be charged for upcoming custom and shipping costs.
  • You will recieve a cost estimate for the repair required as soon as a close examination of your lens has been done by a ZEISS service station. Should the defect be a result of material failure or a manufacturing error, and is covered by the terms of your warranty, it will be remedied by replacing or repairing the defective parts. For warranty repair, please follow the instructions for warranty handling in your country.
  • ZEISS charges a fixed rate of 35 euros incl. VAT and plus freight charge for the effort of quotation in case of refusal (only for repairs send to Oberkochen, Germany). After sending out quotation our obligation of custody ends after 2 weeks. In case of not receiving either confirmation nor refusal of quotation within this period of time we are obliged to send the unrepaired product back and charge all upcoming cost.
  • You will get an invoice for the repair costs that you can pay via bank transfer.
  • For legal reasons, we request that you observe the following terms and conditions: