First focal plane riflescopes.

Your demands for excellent optics at PRS and NRL competitions are met with the all-new LRP S5. Both models utilize a 34 mm main tube, European-style fast-focus eyepiece, Ballistic Stop elevation turret (with 40.7 MRAD or 140 MOA of total elevation travel), and an external locking windage turret.

Tactile and Highly Repeatable Turrets
  • Multi-turn, lifting design with enhanced engraving
  • 0.1 MRAD or 0.25 MOA click value option
  • Ballistic Stop turret – with dual row engraving
  • More pronounced click at whole milliradian
  • One revolution equals 12 MRAD or 30 MOA
  • External Locking Windage Turret (ELWT)
Premium Optical Design
  • Fluoride (FL) lens elements
  • SCHOTT glass
  • 90% light transmission
  • ZEISS T* multi-layer coating
  • LotuTec® hydrophobic protective lens coating
Diopter Adjustment
  • European-style fast focus adjustment
  • +2/-3 diopter adjustment
  • Easy adjustment for corrective vision
Compact and Heavy-Duty
  • 34 mm main tube mono-bloc housing
  • Machined from solid aluminum billet T6-6082
  • 3 mm main tube wall thickness
  • Matte black, hard-coat anodized finish
  • Shock tested to 1,500 g-force
Side Parallax Adjustment
  • 25 meters to infinity
  • Larger diameter for ideal control
Made in Germany

German designed, engineered, manufactured, and crafted – from the only brand with 175 years of optical authority: ZEISS.

Truly Daylight Visible Illuminated Reticle
  • Diffractive reticle illumination technology
  • Digitally controlled, stepless intensity
  • Automatic deactivation via timed and angle sensor
  • Center-of-reticle illumination
  • Powered by CR 2032 battery
Smarter First Focal Plane Reticles
  • Milliradian: ZF-MRi
  • Minute of angle: ZF-MOAi
  • Etched and chroma structures with highly detailed graduations
  • Highly intuitive designs
  • Numerical indicators and reference marks for precise and fast target engagement
Key Features
Best-in-class total elevation travel

A massive total elevation travel of 40.7 MRAD or 140 MOA allows the ZEISS LRP S5 to be more capable than your ammunition – and engage targets up to 1,500 yards and beyond out-of-the-box.

High-performance optics

Premium optical design with fluoride lens elements, SCHOTT glass, and T* coatings allows for optimum target or game identification, resolution of target and maximum light transmission of 90%.

Daylight visible illuminated reticle

Digitally controlled diffractive reticle illumination technology delivers an exceptionally bright point of aim – regardless of the amount of incoming light – allowing you to confirm precise shot placement on target.

Compact and heavy-duty riflescope

Final validation of the design proves the ZEISS LRP S5 riflescopes withstand multiple shock tests of an enormous 1,500 g-force. Design requirements also include initial shock testing of over 800 impact cycles at 1,000 g-force.

T* (T-Star) Six-layer Coating

For a brighter, clearer and higher-contrast image.


Makes lenses water- and dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

Application & Models
ZEISS introduces two all-new first focal plane riflescopes to help you dominate the competition and win the match. The ZEISS LRP S5 318-50 and 525-56 models represent the pinnacle of precision riflescopes available today. They provide an image that is bright, with excellent color contrast and razor-sharp resolution as well as a truly daylight visible illuminated reticle and more than 40 MRAD of total elevation adjustment.
ZEISS First Focal Plane Reticles
Milliradian: ZF-MRi

The ZF-MRi smart reticle was designed with professional input from active competitors and instructors. Its purpose is to dominate at PRS and NRL matches. The milliradian (MRAD) reticle incorporates a “tree-style” primary structure with useful hash marks, dots, and reference numbers – without the clutter. The points-of-aim and holds are represented in 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 MRAD increments; and even numbers are displayed for fast and intuitive visual reference. If winning is your goal, then the ZF-MRi reticle was made for you.

Images represent 22” x 30” target size at 100 yards:

Minute of Angle: ZF-MOAi

The ZF-MOAi smart reticle was designed with precision shooting and long-range hunting in mind. This is a great reticle for the most challenging shots in the field and on the range. The clean and clutter-free reticle utilizes hash marks that represent 1 MOA (minute of angle), and even numbers are displayed for fast visual reference. The windage dots below centerline are placed at 2 MOA increments, so that you can easily confirm the wind’s influence on the bullet’s impact down-range. The floating center point of aim provides a precise hold on the most difficult targets.

Images represent 22” x 30” target size at 100 yards:

What do the professionals have to say?

Phil Cashin

PRS Pro Competitor and Owner of MasterPiece Arms

“I think ZEISS has hit a home run with this optic. Excellent turret design, easy to read markings, huge amounts of elevation travel and an outstanding reticle. The ZF-MRi reticle is perfectly designed for PRS/NRL style shooting: floating center dot, 0.2 subtensions and the diffractive illumination provide unique contrast, so the shooter does not get lost in the reticle. Plus the clutter-free tree design makes it easy to spot impacts and misses for follow-up shots.”

Aaron Hipp

Top PRS Pro Competitor

“ZEISS has developed the ZF-MRi first focal plane reticle for PRS competition shooters. The design leverages 0.2 mil windage markings for precision holds and markings at 0.5 mils that quickly draw the shooter’s eye for quick reference and use on those stages where time or rules don’t allow dialing. The reticle provides more open space above centerline for easier spotting of bullet trace and impacts. The ZF-MRi reticle offers a great balance of all the key elements needed in a reticle that meets the most demanding needs of the competitive shooter.”

Tom Beckstrand

Rifle and Optics Editor, Subject Matter Expert

“ZEISS is the oldest optics company in the world with 175 years of design and manufacturing under its belt. It is a recognized expert in premium optics and has dominated in other optical demographics for decades. These new scopes leverage all of the tribal knowledge they have acquired over almost two centuries and, for the first time, give it to the precision rifle shooter. I’m most excited about the well-designed turrets and reticles being paired with ZEISS’ legendary image quality.”

Greg Ray

Instructor for Long-Range Hunting and Shooting Schools and Owner of Outdoor Solutions

“As a hunter and owner of a long-range shooting school, I feel that ZEISS now offers the most comprehensive line-up of quality optics for hunters. I especially like the LRP S5 318-50 option with ZF-MOAi FFP reticle for long-range hunting. No more second guessing or checking to see if my magnification is set to the ‘proper’ power. The numerical references on the reticle, combined with the enhanced engraving on the elevation dial, greatly reduce the shooter’s stress while in the field, when it matters most.”

Model 318-50 525-56


3.6× – 18×

5× – 25×

Focal Plane

First Focal Plane (FFP)

Effective Lens Diameter - Ocular

32 mm

32 mm

Effective Lens Diameter - Obj.

50 mm

56 mm

Exit Pupil Diameter

9.3 - 2.8 mm

9.2 - 2.4 mm

Twilight Factor

13.4 - 30

16.7 - 37.4

Field of View at 100 yds (ft)

30.0 - 6.0

22.5 - 4.5

Angular Field of View, Real

19.59° - 19.78°

20.36° - 20.48°

Diopter Range

+2.0 / -3.0

Eye Relief

3.5 in

Parallax Setting

27 yds – ∞

Light Transmission Value


Elevation Adjustment Range

40.7 MRAD / 140 MOA

Windage Adjustment Range

24 MRAD / 60 MOA

Click Value

0.1 MRAD / 0.25 MOA

Main Tube Diameter

34 mm

Eyepiece Tube Diameter

46 mm

Objective Tube Diameter

56 mm

62 mm

Objective Thread

M54 x 0.75 mm

M60 x 0.75 mm


LotuTec® and ZEISS T*


Nitrogen Purged


400 mbar (submerged 13 ft for 2 hours)

Operating Temperature

-13 / +133° F

Length (at zero diopter setting)

13.0 in

15.6 in


32.3 oz

35.6 oz

Diffractive Reticle Illumination

Yes (Digital, variable, angle sensor, auto off)

Reticle Options (MOA)


Reticle Options (MRAD)


Riflescope Accessories

With precision in mind.

For safe transport, simple sighting in or even easier handling - the accessories for ZEISS riflescopes offer you many possibilities.

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