Win a Birding Trip to Colombia!

In celebration of our 175th anniversary, we are giving away other great prizes in addition to the trip.

Discovering the bird species on another continent is a fascinating experience. Colombia is home to over 1930 species. This rich variety can be attributed to the even distribution of diverse habitats. And you can experience it for yourself – we’re giving away two tickets to a birding trip for two in October 2022 with our partner Rockjumper Birding Tours. As part of a small group with a guide who knows the best birding hotspots, you are certain to have an unforgettable trip.All of the participants will also be entered to win other valuable prizes, including 10 birding gear packages.

Video: ©Bobby Wilcox/Rockjumper.

Grand Prize

Birding Trip to Colombia

Colombia is home to more different bird species than any other country – a staggering 1900 species can be found within this incredible country’s rich diversity. Our journey will take us to the Santa Marta Mountains and the Guajira Peninsula on the northern coast of Colombia. The Santa Marta Massif is an isolated mountain range on the Caribbean coast and a true treasure trove of biodiversity.

Additional Prizes:

10 High-Quality Birding Gear Packages

In addition to the grand prize, we are also giving away 10 high-quality birding gear packages, each consisting of a Terra 8x32, a cross strap, a cap, a hoodie, a high-quality Moleskine notebook, and a hardcover edition of the Collins Bird Guide.

How to Enter Into the Sweepstakes

Participating in the sweepstakes is easy. Simply submit your personal details using the form below. The winners will be selected in February 2022 and subsequently contacted in writing.

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