Foreword from the Executive Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends of ZEISS,

Fiscal year 2016/17 marks a further important milestone on our growth trajectory: our revenue reached a record level of 5.348 billion euros (prior year: 4.881 billion euros). Consolidated profit rose by 39 percent to 561 million euros, also the highest figure on record.

The ZEISS Group is growing around the globe. This is still particularly true in Asia, as well as in the currently less dynamic markets such as Europe and North America. All four segments – Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Research & Quality Technology, Medical Technology and Vision Care/Consumer Products – have helped us achieve this positive result. We have never taken this for granted. On this note, we would like to thank our customers for their trust and partnership. Our thanks also go, of course, to all of our employees who have made this success possible. Their commitment deserves the very greatest respect. Every single day, they demonstrate their dedication to our customers and bring our corporate strategy, the ZEISS Agenda 2020, to life with untiring energy and effort.

Extensive and open collaboration with our customers and close networking with our partners are increasingly shaping our business and have now become a key foundation for our success. We succeed in creating market-shaping innovations because we develop products together with our customers and therefore cater precisely to their needs. One impressive example during the last fiscal year was the ZEISS KINEVO 900 robotic visualization system for neurosurgery. We are continuing to drive this development by constantly expanding our Customer and Application Centers around the globe. The progress achieved in the development of the cutting-edge technology EUV would not have been possible without strong partners – we have been working hand in hand with ASML for the past 20 years. With its minority stake in our semiconductor segment and the associated investments of around 760 million euros in the next five years, we will succeed in achieving a breakthrough with the next EUV generation. In the age of digitalization, horizontal networking is vital. Examples of this development include strategic alliances such as the recently concluded joint venture ADAMOS, in which we will design and implement Smart Production solutions for the mid-sized mechanical engineering sector together with other collaboration partners. More customer orientation and greater proximity to our partners – this is also the goal of our new competence center called Digital Innovation Partners in Munich, which is supporting and promoting the digital transformation of the entire company.

Our success in the past fiscal year and our constant growth since the financial crisis of 2008/09 should not be taken for granted. We have a great responsibility to ensure that this development continues in the future. Therefore, this makes the challenge posed by the increasing uncertainty of the general economic framework all the greater. At ZEISS we will continue to see changes in technology and society as opportunities and will provide our customers with products and solutions that will help them to be successful in their field of activity.

As a modern, global and dynamic company, ZEISS is heading in the right direction. We will implement the corporate strategy ZEISS Agenda 2020 consistently through innovations, investments and targeted business expansion. Even after 170 years, this will enable us to constantly evolve the company and continue to create market-shaping innovations for the benefit not only of our customers, but also of society as a whole. On behalf of al l my colleagues on the Executive Board and our employees, I would like to thank our customers and business partners for placing their trust in us.

Oberkochen, December 2017

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke
President and Chief Executive Officer


Portrait von Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke, Vorstandsvorsitzender
Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke