Challenge the Limits of Imagination

Seeing beyond for 175 years

Annual Report 2020/21 of the ZEISS Group

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Challenging the Limits of Imagination

Seeing beyond for 175 years

For 175 years, ZEISS has been developing innovations that answer the question "How can we push the limits of our imagination?" In order to celebrate this vision, ZEISS has engaged in discussions with pioneers and leading figures from all over the world. They focus on the megatrends of our time and the associated challenges. As part of the ZEISS Beyond Talks, they share insights into their work, as well as visions, passions and topics that will have a major impact on the future.

Prof. Joachim Mayer

Materials scientist, RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Antje Boetius

Microbiologist and researcher

Sherry Hormann

German-American filmmaker

Highlights from Fiscal Year

Shaping the Future

Thanks to its long-term investment strategy, balanced portfolio, international setup and globally oriented value chains, the ZEISS Group can look forward to a bright future. In the previous fiscal year, targeted investments helped ZEISS shape the future. Here are just some of the highlights from fiscal year 2020/21.

ZEISS definiert digitalen Workflow neu
ZEISS Innovation Hub in Dresden Opens Its Doors

ZEISS and the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) are using the ZEISS Innovation Hub to further expand their strategic collaboration. The first Hub program focuses on research into organoid models. To work on it, Dr. Kai Wicker and his team have moved on the campus of the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital – a stone's throw away from top experts in the field.

vivo X60 Pro with ZEISS Imaging System

The vivo X60 Pro 5G features a camera system that was jointly developed by vivo and ZEISS. It allows users to capture outstanding images and videos. The new camera system meets ZEISS' image quality requirements and delivers exceptional, razor-sharp images. The X60 Pro is the first smartphone that is being brought to market as part of the strategic partnership between vivo and ZEISS.

Mit 5G lässt sich in der vernetzten Fertigung zukünftig eine viel höhere Zahl von Sensor-, Steuerungs- und Qualitätsdaten generieren, übertragen und auswerten.
ZEISS Research Award and the Carl Zeiss Award for Young Researchers
ZEISS Symposium and ZEISS Research Award

At this year's Symposium "Optics in the Medical World" international experts discussed the role and the potential of optical technologies for medicine and healthcare. The close collaboration between science and industry is a key success factor when it comes to putting medical research into practice. The highlight of the celebration was the presentation of the ZEISS Research Award and the Carl Zeiss Award for Young Researchers.

ZEISS Innovation Center Opens

ZEISS has completed construction of its new R&D, production, sales and customer service site in Dublin (California, USA) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hundreds of ZEISS employees and key functions will come together under one roof. The new site in Dublin represents a further milestone in the company's strategy.

New possibilities with 5G
Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2020: Zwei ZEISS Teams im Kreis der Besten © Deutscher Zukunftspreis/Bildschön
Modern Solutions Bring People Together

Augmented reality solutions support cross-divisional services at ZEISS. Teams at customers' sites can use the Microsoft HoloLens and work with specialists from the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment located thousands of kilometers away to analyze problems and discuss possible solutions – without even needing to set foot on a plane.

5 Million Donated to Deutsches Museum

To mark its 175th anniversary, ZEISS has donated five million euros to the future initiative for modernizing the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The company loaned the museum the ZEISS microscope "Stand VIIb" from 1879. It will form part of the new optics treasure chamber at the Deutsches Museum that is currently being built as part of the modernization.

In Dresden entsteht die neue ZEISS Digital Innovation
ZEISS SmartLife: neues Brillenglas-Portfolio für ein vernetztes Leben
ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 Visualizes Subcellular Dynamics over Long Periods of Time

Thanks to the combination of minimized light impact and high resolution, researchers use this lattice light sheet microscope to observe subcellular dynamics over several hours or days. This opens up new possibilities, in particular for cancer research or understanding the early stages of life.

ZEISS Medical Ecosystem – a Concept Built for the Future

At ZEISS Innovation Week, ZEISS Medical Technology unveiled the industry's first ever integrated solutions that offer customers real added value within the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem. This is a concept that networks systems, data and applications, thus supporting clinical efficiency and high performance.

ZEISS Lightsheet 7: neues Lichtblatt-Fluoreszenzmikroskop

Sustainable Development

Corporate responsibility

For ZEISS, business success is directly linked to corporate responsibility. The Carl Zeiss Foundation statutes have served as our guideline for over 130 years. Across five fields of action, ZEISS is building on its historical values and defining its responsibility for ensuring sustainable development.

Sustainable Products

The ZEISS Industrial Quality & Research segment is focusing on aspects like eliminating long transportation routes. The company has production facilities across the globe, meaning it is able to manufacture products near its customers' sites. Air freight is often avoided, with seas and rails being preferred. The products are designed to last for decades. Plus, existing systems can often be retrofitted with new technologies.

Climate-Neutral by 2025 – Campaigning for a Better Environment

The goal is to embed sustainability throughout the company, rendering it measurable and developing it further. ZEISS aims to operate in a carbon-neutral way in its own activities worldwide by 2025 (Scope 1 and 2 emissions). By 2022 its main sites across the globe are set to switch to green power. ZEISS is thus making a contribution to achieving the target set in the Paris Agreement of liming global warming to well below 2°C.

35,000 Employees are the Biggest Lever

“When sustainability is embraced by every single employee in his/her daily work and it is no longer an ancillary issue that we have to reflect upon, we have done a good job,” says Dr. Nicole Ziegler. The Head of Sustainability and her team
are on a mission to anchor sustainability across the company. ZEISS Sustainability Week was a real milestone on the company’s journey. ZEISS called on its employees around the world to get involved.

Social Engagement for Healthy Vision

The Jeevan Rekha Express, or Lifeline Express, in India is the world's first-ever hospital train that makes stops in remote parts of the country to provide treatment to those in need completely free of charge. Thanks to the Aloka Vision Programme, ZEISS is able to offer regular eye screenings and eyeglasses. In October 2020 alone, more than 3,800 people received eye exams and over 1,000 pairs of glasses were
handed out.

ZEISS has joined forces with Drishti Eye Care to provide its services in Nepal. Drishti Eye Care is an eye hospital focusing on diagnosing and treating non-refractive visual impairments in children. The aim is to help at least 10,000 children each year. ZEISS also provides the equipment needed to perform the eye screenings.

Optics Insights 2020/21

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