Responsible Behavior

For ZEISS, business success is directly linked to corporate responsibility. The statute of the Carl Zeiss Foundation has served as our guideline for 130 years. With its five fields of action, ZEISS is building on its historical values and defining its responsibility for ensuring sustainable development.

Ophthalmologists in paraguay © CBM/Fundación Visión
More than two billion people around the world have no access to eye care. By supporting projects in Paraguay, ZEISS is helping to ensure access to healthcare.

Integrity and compliance

Business activities that adhere to the relevant legal guidelines and internal regulations form the basis for responsible business activities. At ZEISS, legality, fairness and a free market economy are the building blocks of a successful corporate culture. To achieve this, we need to ensure an open and respectful atmosphere, which at ZEISS is paired with an effective compliance management system to make sure any errors are identified and eliminated.

Products and value added

Product solutions from ZEISS contribute to medical advances in eye care and in neurosurgery and ENT surgery, and support doctors on every continent as they improve the quality of life of their patients. ZEISS eyeglass lenses help people around the world see clearly once again. What’s more, intelligent measuring systems from ZEISS help many companies increase their energy efficiency. The responsible creation of a value chain – from raw material suppliers to product sales – is essential for ZEISS when it comes to minimizing the negative impact of its business activities.

Projects in the Amazon region © Julio Bittencourt


Precision, innovation, and unparalleled quality can only be achieved with motivated and qualified employees. In light of the intense competition for talented employees, ZEISS positions itself as an attractive employer and, in this context, benefits from its reputation as a global and innovative foundation-owned company with a distinctly values-driven corporate culture. This is a clear competitive advantage, especially given demographic change and the current shortage of specialists.


An effective environmental policy and the responsible use of resources are key concerns for the ZEISS Group. ZEISS has succeeded in reducing its consumption and emissions in an ongoing manner and has set specific reduction targets. ZEISS selects raw materials, technologies and production processes based on their environmental compatibility. Wherever possible, materials with risk potential are replaced with less problematic substances. 

Social engagement

Based on its responsibility as a foundation company, ZEISS promotes scientific and technological progress and campaigns for better living conditions worldwide. Through the Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund, the company supports social projects, initiatives and facilities at its main sites in Germany. By collaborating with German and international aid organizations such as the Christoffel Mission for the Blind (CBM) and Mercy Ships, ZEISS helps improve medical care for people in all regions of the world. With a view to bringing young people closer to science and research, for 20 years ZEISS has been the sponsor of Jugend forscht, Germany’s oldest and best-known competition for young researchers.