Corporate Responsibility

For ZEISS, business success is directly linked to corporate responsibility. The statute of the Carl Zeiss Foundation has served as our guideline for 130 years. Across five fields of action, ZEISS is building on its historical values and defining its responsibility for ensuring sustainable development.

Integrity and compliance

Business activities that are compatible with statutory regulations and internal rules are an integral part of the open and respectful corporate culture at ZEISS. For this reason, legality, fair competition and the equitable treatment of business partners and employees are indispensable elements of successful business operations. A compliance management system ensures that any errors are identified and corrected.

Available in 14 languages

the e-learning module on compliance topics can be accessed by employees all around the world.

Products and value chains

Product solutions by ZEISS contribute to medical advances in eye care, neurosurgery and ENT surgery, and support doctors as they improve their patients' quality of life. ZEISS eyeglass lenses improve the eyesight of people all around the world. Intelligent measuring systems by ZEISS help increase efficiency at many different companies. But product responsibility means more than simply delivering innovative, effective, and safe products. For ZEISS, it also includes responsible value chain creation – from raw materials to product sales.

Around 50 percent

of the external purchasing volume is covered by key strategic suppliers. These suppliers must accept the Responsible Business Alliance's Code of Conduct and forward it to their subcontractors.


Precision, innovation, and unparalleled quality can only be achieved with motivated and qualified employees. ZEISS invests continually in the promotion and professional development of its employees and positions itself as an attractive employer in the competition for talented individuals. The company benefits from its reputation as a global and innovative foundation-owned company with a strong focus on values that have been enshrined in the corporate culture.

62 million euros

contributed to the ZEISS company pension in fiscal year 2018/19.


Effective environmental protection and the responsible use of resources are important concerns for the ZEISS Group. ZEISS continues to work on reducing its consumption and emissions and has set specific reduction targets to do so. In order to achieve this, ZEISS pays attention to the efficient use of materials and energy from product development through to customer application. When selecting and using raw materials, technologies and production processes, ZEISS considers their environmental compatibility. Wherever possible, potentially hazardous materials are replaced with less problematic substances.

31 business units

at 15 ZEISS Group production facilities were certified in accordance with the environmental management system ISO 14001 in 2018/19.

Social and societal engagement

As part of its responsibilities as a foundation-owned company, ZEISS promotes scientific and technological progress and campaigns for better living conditions worldwide. Through the Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund, the company supports social projects, initiatives and facilities at its main sites in Germany.

Not only do children suffering from albinism have to protect their skin from the sun, their eyes are also very sensitive to light. ZEISS provides support to a home in Tanzania where experts examine children with albinism and provide them with eyeglasses featuring special filters for their light-sensitive eyes, thus allowing them to lead more independent lives.

EUR 1.1 million

in funding for around 150 social projects at the sites in Germany.

ZEISS provides support to a home in Tanzania where experts examine children with albinism and provide them with eyeglasses featuring special filters for their light-sensitive eyes.

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