The ZEISS Logo

  • Background Information

    A White Background For The ZEISS Logo

    As a rule, the Carl Zeiss logo may be placed only on a white background, just like on our own website. This is an important component of brand management and the consistent appearance of our company to the public. This specification is not coincidental - it is based on the following question: What values of our company are conveyed best in what way?

    First and foremost, Carl Zeiss stands for accuracy, clarity, and reliability. Our brand can convey these values best when it has a dominant position on a white background. Thus, the environment in which our trademark is placed becomes part of the logo and supports the statement made by the latter.

    Of course, we hope that you will also place our logo on a white background on your website, but we do not want to intervene in the design of your website or dictate the backgrounds to be used. For this reason, our downloadable logos are equipped with a white frame that gives the logo its required breathing space and, regardless of the actual background color of your website, provides optimal contrast.

  • Logo Download

    Logo Download

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    Logo Download

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    Logo Download

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    How does the download work?

    1. Click the download link.
    2. When it opens a new window, right-click the logo.
    3. In the menu, select the optionSave image as ...
    4. Select a folder and change the file name. Confirm by clicking Save.

    The logos available for download have edge lengths of 32, 40 or 50 pixels. The the horizontal and vertical lengths of the white space around the logo are each half of the edge length of the logo.

    Unfortunately, you cannot use logos with an edge length shorter than 32 pixels. The »ZEISS« logo lettering would then be blurred and very hard to read. In this case, please use only the »ZEISS« logo lettering without the logo.