Did You Know…

…You Can Fly at CeBIT – Using a Pair Of Glasses?

Looking down from above, you see everything differently: crowds of people bustling in the aisles, visitors rushing to their appointments, and you yourself, watching it all calmly with joystick in hand. How can that be?
The secret is in the cinemizer OLED from ZEISS.

The new version of the multimedia glasses enables users to get a bird’s-eye view from a first-person perspective. A quadrocopter with a camera installed above the ZEISS stand transmits the image to the video glasses. The camera can be moved using the joystick to create an almost perfect illusion of flying. The successor to the cinemizer Plus, which will be available in the summer of 2012, is using OLED technology for the first time – resulting in images with higher definition and color fidelity.

Thanks to its wide array of connection options, videos from iPods, PCs or Blu-ray discs may also be viewed using the cinemizer OLED. Immersive technology allows gamers to experience their games more intensely than ever before. The cinemizer OLED offers numerous options that are of interest to professional users as well: Photographers can check their settings and recordings in real time or use the glasses as an external viewfinder for creating elaborate effects. Dentists can offer it to their patients during treatment as a welcome distraction. In collaboration with Inreal, ZEISS is also providing a virtual reality solution for architects and interior designers that allows them and their clients to tour detailed 3D representations of planned rooms that can be altered in real time.

From 6 to 10 March 2012, CeBIT visitors can experience and try out the new cinemizer OLED live at the ZEISS stand in the “Next Level S3D” area (Hall 15, Stand 26). Naturally, “sightseeing flights” over the exhibition stand will also be on offer. Thus, all our visitors can see for themselves what flying with glasses is like.


7 March 2012