Did You Know…

…that Microscopes Are on a World Tour?

Microscopes are actually used to examine the world’s smallest elements, measuring only a few micrometers in size. However, thanks to the workshop series"“ZEISS on Your Campus,” several ZEISS microscopes are currently on travel duty taking them around the globe. These workshops are held on different continents to teach microscopy and the various techniques involved. The current series of workshops has had 1500 scientists participating in 18 events in 10 countries within 3 months. In other words, ZEISS microscopes have been going"“Around the World in 80 Days” – just like Phileas Fogg, the main character in Jules Verne’s novel.

This series of workshops focuses on how to optimize digital images in light microscopy. The entire process is discussed, from imaging in the objective lens right up to image capture and post-processing. During presentations, participants learn about the basics of microscopy, such as selecting the appropriate resolution, controlling the detectors, and understanding the influence of cover slip thickness and the immersion medium. Afterwards, they have the opportunity to try out what they have learned using various microscopes.

ZEISS advises scientists on how to select the ideal method for their research issue. Participants also find out how to obtain the best possible results. Thus, learning about and applying different microscopy techniques is a key component of the workshop series program. The next workshops in Europe are scheduled to take place in Warsaw (29-30 May), Cluj (30 May), Budapest (5-6 June), as well as at the University of Mainz on 12 and 13 June. The "“ZEISS on Your Campus”" world tour will also give guest performances in the United States and Asia.

31 May 2012