Jogger uses smartphone apps to calculate route and health data

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Did You Know…

…that Technology Keeps You Healthy?

More and more joggers have their smartphone apps accompany them on their runs. This enables them not only to keep track of the distance they run, time, and calorie consumption, but also to store data on their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart rate. This new trend supplements more elaborate technological health aids, such as subcutaneously implanted microchips that transmit real-time physical statistics to a doctor’s database systems. And even data collected by pacemakers can now be checked remotely.

From 11 to 23 August 2012, visitors to the IdeenPark at the Essen Trade Show and Grugapark will have an opportunity to see practical examples of how important technology has become for health monitoring. Topical questions will be addressed here, such as whether human body parts and organs can be created from scratch or can go back, or whether a doctor in America can operate on a patient in Germany. A giant-sized game board helps visitors learn more about developing a heart valve prosthesis produced solely by the body.

There are numerous workshops for children and adolescents as well. For instance, various sensors on the body will collect physiological data during sports activities that will then be transferred to an iPad for storage. Subsequently, this data will be analyzed using LabView scientific software.

ZEISS, partner and exhibitor at the IdeenPark, will be showing solutions for every aspect of the human eye in the “Body Cinema.” Among them are solutions to help easily diagnose glaucoma, precisely analyze the retina, and detect vision defects. Visitors can also learn how extremely precise surgical microscopes make surgery safer. The fact that the human body and technology are growing more and more intertwined is a theme shared by the other exhibition partners in the Body Cinema as well. They show how modern medical technology is influencing the lives of people of all ages.

7 August 2012