Did You Know…

...that German Optics Have Been Playing a Special Role in Mexico for 100 Years?

Paradoxically, it was during the revolution that organized relationships were established – at least as regards the representation of ZEISS in Mexico. The present-day state was founded against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920), which involved many years of bloody conflict. Despite the political turmoil of this period, it was during this time that the history of ZEISS in Mexico began. Casa Schultz, the company's exclusive representation in the country, was established in 1912. This entity later formed the foundation of the country's own subsidiary.

Thus, Mexico is an example of the early internationalization of ZEISS. As early as 1900, ZEISS products were delivered to this Latin American country. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company established its own offices in St. Petersburg, Tokyo, London and New York.

Today, Mexico occupies a unique position within the ZEISS Group: Vision Care, the second largest business group following Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, operates its largest production facility worldwide in Tijuana – one of the twelve Mexican cities with a population of over one million. Here, eyeglasses are produced for distribution in the American continent and for export. The highly modern factory in Tijuana is the second largest production site in the entire Group after the company headquarters in Oberkochen. Thus, besides being German, ZEISS is also a partially Mexican company.

12 September 2012