Did You Know…

…Thanks to ZEISS – You Needn’t Be So Afraid of the Dentist?

Tooth replacement is usually associated with old age and disease. What many people do not know is that the latest treatment options are also benefiting young people. Esthetic reasons cause not just the elderly, but younger people to be thinking about a “third set of teeth.” After all, teeth may be lost due to accidents or illness as well.

It is not merely a demographic change that causes increasing number of people to rely on false teeth. New technical possibilities ensure simplified, less painful procedures for dental implantology. Still, time and again an implant may not be seated properly and must be removed, which often means additional pain for the patient. RWTH Aachen and its Clinic for Prosthetic Dentistry have developed a measuring procedure that reduces this risk: precise measurement of geometric features enables more exact positioning and faster implant insertion. The Metrotom measuring machine from ZEISS was used to qualify this new procedure.

With the aid of the Metrotom, a variety of different workpieces were measured in a contactless procedure using X-rays. Once the individual models are completely measured, the system provides a 3D view, which is then used for precision measuring and for comparisons with the impression models of the implants. Exact data is crucial here, as the position of the borehole in the later prosthesis may not deviate from the reference value by more than 0.1 millimeters. Otherwise, the fitting accuracy of the prosthesis is not ensured. Thanks to these advances in medical technology, perhaps you will be able to visit the dentist next time free of anxiety.

11 August 2008