Did You Know ...

... that leading-edge technology is being repaired in the rain forest?

Every year on World Malaria Day (25 April) and on World Tuberculosis Day (24 March), the World Health Organization (WHO) focuses on these two diseases and identifies possible solutions. Right now in Africa, light microscopes are an important instrument for diagnosing tuberculosis, malaria and sleeping sickness. Diagnosis is easy and thus absolutely essential. Nevertheless, application errors and other disruptions can occur which damage the microscopes.

How do you ensure that replacement parts arrive undamaged at a remote lab in the rain forest? What's more: who's able to integrate these replacement parts on-site and repair the microscope as needed? Unlike in day-to-day life in Europe, leading-edge technology for entertainment, work or health is not ubiquitous in the rain forest. Thus operating and repairing laptops or medical instruments presents enormous challenges.

In order to solve this problem, ZEISS has concluded a service framework agreement with Doctors Without Borders for over 120 ZEISS Primo Star iLED microscopes. The organization's teams have the entire repair manual available on-site, even though the repair manual is normally reserved for ZEISS service staff only. ZEISS has also agreed to an extended warranty and a reduction in price for replacement parts. At its European logistics centers, ZEISS has also trained those employees who arrange the materials for these particular assignments, advise on-site support staff and, together with ZEISS, organize the supply of replacement parts. This is how it's possible to perform repairs in the rain forest, and thus ZEISS is making an important contribution to people's health worldwide.

World Malaria Day
25 April 2016

Read further information on the campaign on the official WHO website.

World Tuberculosis Day
22 March 2016

Read further information on the campaign on the official WHO website.

ZEISS Primo Star iLED
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Primo Star iLED is the flexible solution for tuberculosis test applications with LED fluorescence excitation and transmitted-light brightfield illumination.