Dental visit

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Helps You Heal Faster?

Everybody knows the unpleasant feeling that accompanies a visit to the dentist, when you wiggle around nervously in the dental chair and hope that everything will soon be over. Your dentist bends over you and mumbles a bunch of incomprehensible numbers that the dental technician diligently records. Taking you by surprise, he turns off his head loupe and assures you that everything is fine, leaving you to wonder why it all went so fast. On your way out the door, you notice the small blue logo on the head loupe: it is a ZEISS product.

This instrument enables your dentist to identify even the tiniest structures and thus improve the quality of treatment. And dentistry is just one of a variety of disciplines in which medical systems from ZEISS are put to use. The small blue logo can be found in the practices of your eye doctor and the ENT specialist, in the operating room and, of course, in the laboratory. Ambitious research in medical technology has only one goal: to develop tools that facilitate more efficient diagnoses and more effective treatments, thereby supporting doctors in their daily work.

Innovative medical devices and systems enable doctors to provide better treatment conditions for their patients. This improves the quality of treatments, and doctors can find the causes of diseases more quickly – helping you to heal faster.

22 September 2008