Two patents every day

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Applies for Two Patents Every Day?

“Innovation” is a commonly used word that is often co-opted for other purposes. A technology company that generates more than 60 percent of its revenue with products no more than five years old can surely refer to itself as innovative.

ZEISS is just such a company – one that applies for two patents every day. This is possible because the company annually invests more than 10 percent of its revenues in research and development. However, investments alone are not enough: 1,935 highly qualified employees – 16 percent of the overall workforce – work in our research and development departments, developing more than 600 inventions every year. Patent applications for 384 inventions were submitted last year. If you add up the patents from all of the divisions of ZEISS, the Optics branch is one of the 15 most active applicants at the German Patent Office.

And because the transfer of expertise is an important prerequisite for generating innovations, ZEISS works with more than 400 external partners such as research institutes and universities.

The most important thing that any high-tech company can do is to take new ideas, develop them further, and protect innovative developments. After all, patents foster innovations and safeguard corporate success. To make sure this does not change, the Innovation Management team in Oberkochen ensures that new inventions are quickly implemented as products. After all, what good is an innovation if it never sees the light of day?

6 October 2008