Vehicle Construction

Did You Know…

…that You Can Drive a Car With ZEISS?

When Bertha Benz became the first person in the world to travel by car from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany, in 1888, it marked a milestone in the nascent automobile industry. With the Patent Motorwagen, the wife of automobile pioneer Carl Benz easily covered the 106 kilometers between the two cities. Now, 120 years later, this distance is nothing more than a joyride. Driving a car is a normal part of everyday life for most of us. In 2007, 55 million private vehicles were registered in Germany alone.

But what does ZEISS have to do with this? Metrology from Oberkochen ensures quality in vehicle construction. You will not find a car anywhere in the world that did not come into contact with a ZEISS system at some point during its production. The company is the only manufacturer of measuring equipment that develops, builds, and integrates all components relevant to the systems in-house. We’ve been doing this for nearly 40 years.

Measuring machines check more than 1,000 features of each car body during production. The manufacturer can immediately step in and make corrections if there is even the slightest deviation from specified tolerances. The measuring machines are used not just for motor vehicle bodies: precision machines from ZEISS are also employed for inspecting engines, gears, drive shafts, brakes, undercarriages, and more. All of this ensures that vehicles work properly and can easily cover distances greater than 106 kilometers.

20 October 2008