German biathletes with their coach and ZEISS spotting scope

Did You Know…

…that You Can Meet ZEISS in a Biathlon?

When Magdalena Neuner or Michael Greis cross the finish line first, it is not only because they are using the fastest skis. Along with the strength of their legs, a single shot can mean the difference between victory and defeat. So how is ZEISS involved with this?

The spotting scopes from ZEISS allow the coaches to carefully observe the shooting performance of the athletes. This is made possible by its 40x magnification. Analysis of their shooting performance leads to changes in the techniques of the athletes.And then, it’s practice, practice, practice, so that the trained accuracy can also be called upon in competition, where millimeters decide who wins gold, silver and bronze.

Biathlon fans will never forget the photos of Uwe Müssiggang, coach of the German women’s national team, standing behind his ZEISS spotting scope. Whether it storms or snows, this reliable device with its high-intensity and high-resolution optics always gives him the best-possible view of the targets.

This is crucial, after all; for shooting from the standing position, the discs have a diameter of 11.5 centimeters, while their diameter is just 4.5 centimeters for shooting from the prone position. Always calm and focused, he observes his protégés during the competitions; thanks to ZEISS technology, not even the smallest detail escapes his attention. Better than any other, however, he has mastered the art of staying composed even if all the bullets miss their targets.

Even so, when Uwe Müssiggang clenches his fist and his head nods vigorously behind the spotting scope, we know that Magdalena Neuer or Andrea Henkel once again hit all five targets. That pleases ZEISS as well, since the company is a partner of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) and sponsor of the German women’s and men’s national teams.

March 2008