Carl Zeiss Kalender 2009

Did You Know…

…that Wim Wenders Placed Berlin In a Calendar?

The illuminated ruins of the Palace of the Republic seem as if they are from another world. The large movie set catches your eye from a long way off. Dozens of people are running back and forth between the spotlights and cameras. Among them are model Amber Valletta and actor Willem Dafoe. While the two world-famous stars act their parts in front of the camera, none other than Wim Wenders is behind it.

The renowned director has been filming with ZEISS lenses for 30 years – and now he is making a “movie” for the company. However, you will never have the opportunity to admire this work in a cinema: it will not be shown on the big screen, but will instead hang on the wall. Why? This fictional movie was “shot” exclusively for the 2009 ZEISS calendar. It incorporates the film speed of 24 images per second by setting the scene with 24 pictures for the year instead of 12. It is a unique project, supplemented by the “making of” images and personal sketches and notes Wim Wenders created for his story board.

The 24 photos of the calendar tell a story: Valletta and Dafoe play two unscathed survivors of an apocalypse who find themselves alone in the ruins of a destroyed world. Fascinating images at an almost magical site describe how they find each other and then go on to face the future together. By the time the calendar came out, this place was but a memory. The demolition of the Palace of the Republic in the center of Berlin was completed by the beginning of the following month. There is now room for the new Berlin City Palace that is to be erected there.

The calendar is a coveted item, but is not for sale. It is given exclusively to customers and partners of ZEISS.

29 December 2008