Birdwatching with Carl Zeiss products

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Has a New Hobby For You?

Bird enthusiasts armed with binoculars and spotting scopes wait patiently for that perfect moment when the lens zooms in on a bird. Not just a common, ordinary bird – oh no, preferably a rare beauty, such as a belted kingfisher. This moment is an exciting experience that makes birdwatchers quickly forget the frequently long periods spent patiently waiting. In recent years, birdwatching has become a popular hobby.

Some birders, as they are often called, do more than simply observe these flying natural wonders: They also take pictures back home with them. How does this work? With a digiscope, nature lovers do not just use their spotting scope for observation, they also shoot pictures with it. A camera adapter firmly connects the telescope to the digital camera. This does, however, require a bit of practice, and the setup does not permit rapid switching from observing mode to picture-taking mode. This means that you often miss the perfect moment.

But now the problem has been solved: ZEISS has developed an instrument that makes digiscoping very easy. The PhotoScope enables you to see razor-sharp details of a bird and very conveniently take a snapshot of it at the same time. A unique combination of a high-performance spotting scope and a digital camera in one weatherproof unit makes this possible – with a focal length of 600-1800 mm. It works just like a standard digital camera; a remote control trigger ensures vibration-free picture taking. Simultaneous observation and photography have now become a reality. Digiscoping enthusiasts are no longer faced with a tough either/or decision. Are you interested in starting a new hobby?

26 January 2009