Did you know that you can find Carl Zeiss in the movie theater?

Did You Know…

…that You Can Find ZEISS in the Movie Theater?

When “The Lord of the Rings” comes to mind, it is hard not to think of the brave heroes who vigorously defend their homes against evil, against Sauron from the Land of Mordor. The gripping action, the impressive landscapes, and the crystal-clear close-ups of Frodo and his companions will remain etched in our memories forever. But what would this movie looked like on the screen with a small video format? Hardly any director would have come away looking good, let alone with an Oscar. The audience has long since been spoiled with premium entertainment.

To meet such criteria in a small format, the sound and above all the image quality must be outstanding. Only then can the images work their emotional magic and turn a trip to the movies into an unforgettable multimedia experience. Grandiose images, perfect contrasts, and razor-sharp details are no longer dependent on the skills of the director alone, but also on the objective lens technology used.

This is where you will find ZEISS in the movie theater – as the market leader in objective lenses for professional movie cameras. Magnification factors of up to 1000x capture even the slightest wink from Frodo and Gandalf. For this reason, practically all movie crews rely on the cine lenses from Oberkochen, whether for a major movie production or only a simple commercial. And suddenly Hollywood is not so far away after all.

March 2008