Did You Know…

… that ZEISS Is a Regular At the Patent Office?

Did you know that ZEISS is a regular at the patent office? Inventors have a reason to celebrate this coming Sunday: April 26 is the “Day of Intellectual Property.” Initiated nine years ago by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), this day not only draws attention to, but also has the objective of protecting inventions and intellectual property and emphasizing how important both of them are.

Why are inventions worth protecting? For innovative companies such as ZEISS, research and development are a very important areas of competence. The company develops products, solutions, and technologies of tomorrow. Two thousand employees, or 15 percent of the ZEISS workforce, work towards these goals every day. Thus, the past year witnessed the birth of many new solutions last year, with patent applications submitted for more than 400 of them.

ZEISS is not the only one that keeps making a beeline to the patent office in Baden-Württemberg: The state received the second highest number of patent applications in 2008 after Bavaria. The European Patent Office counted 6,214 applications from the southwestern German state, and 26,653 from Germany as a whole. A patent application is the best way to protect intellectual property against plagiarism. After all, no company can afford to invest time and money in research when others are allowed to simply copy its valuable ideas.

21 April 2009