Carl Zeiss cinemizer

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Makes Clever Glasses?

You can hear a pin drop in the classroom. The 28 boys and girls of the 9c class sit there totally mesmerized, waiting with bated breath to see what will happen next. Each of them is wearing a pair of futuristic glasses. These are not conventional eyeglasses, but miniature mobile movie theaters: the ZEISS cinemizer. Students at the Thomas Strittmatter High School in St. Georgen, Germany, are using them to test the CyberClassroom, in which cinemizers and 3D monitors open up a whole new dimension in learning. This joint project of Visenso and ZEISS is supporting the classroom of the future.

Communicating scientific and technological content is not always easy for teachers: very few students tend to get excited right away about these specialist subjects. This pilot project in St. Georgen is different. The teacher uses the cinemizer to play stereo videos that explain complex scientific phenomena, thereby turning learning into a visual experience. Stereo video material makes it easier for the students to grasp complicated topics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

The goal of the CyberClassroom is to present the subject matter as clearly as possible. The students are curious about the new teaching aids and can better understand subjects that need a lot of explanation – all thanks to the interactive, visual presentation. The allure of the cinemizer is by no means limited to the classroom, but continues after school is over as well. Even at home, the video glasses make learning easier. And after work comes the fun – when the cinemizer plays the scheduled Hollywood movie.

2 June 2009