Treating cataracts using Carl Zeiss technology

Did You Know…

… how ZEISS Is Helping In the Fight Against Cataracts?

Cataracts are the main cause of blindness around the world. It is the older generation that is primarily affected; in around 90 percent of the cases, this condition occurs in old age. It is then referred to as an age-related cataract. The disease becomes evident as a gray veil that initially impairs vision, eventually leading to blindness.

The good news: The affected lenses can be replaced with artificial lens implants in an uncomplicated surgical procedure. In Germany alone, almost half a million cataract procedures are performed every year. Technology from ZEISS supports this procedure with a new instrument: Visalis 100 removes the diseased lens of the eye using the phaco-emulsification technique with ultrasound and suction. From the diagnostics instrument to intraocular lenses and surgical microscopes to follow-up devices, ZEISS provides a complete product line for treating cataracts.

In India, the new Visalis 100 system is already being put to use; it is gaining trust thanks to its simple operation and absolute precision. Innovations for growth markets are in demand, particularly in Asia where medical devices for eye surgery are in great demand. By supporting the “Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight” project, ZEISS is actively participating in the fight against preventable blindness and in the advancement of eye care in developing regions lacking in medical care.

8 September 2009