Did you know that the search for oil and natural gas just got easier?

Did You Know…

… that the Search For Oil and Natural Gas Just Got Easier?

The most important fossil fuels for modern industrial societies can be found in rock, among other things. For centuries, geologists have been studying formations made of minerals, rock fragments, glasses, or the remains of organisms. Now there is a new way to glean important information about the composition of rock from the samples.

The right equipment enables experts to determine the hydrocarbon content of rock. This is the main component of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas. The new AURIGA electron microscope from  ZEISS analyzes important data such as porosity and permeability, delivering high-resolution 3D images. This makes it possible to determine if the oil or gas content in the rock is sufficient for extraction purposes.

AURIGA thus permits precise conclusions to be drawn concerning the suitability of raw material deposits for oil or gas exploitation. The noteworthy feature: using an integrated ion beam column, AURIGA can make cuts in the examined specimens, providing access to structures below the surface of the specimen as well, and generate a 3D volume model. In addition to imaging, it is also possible to conduct chemical-physical specimen analysis at the nanometer level. State-of-the-art technology from Oberkochen is thus helping to determine the composition of rock. Does it contain enough fossil fuels? The rocks will divulge this information – but only if you have the right microscope.

20 October 2009