On the two-masted vessel of the “Tara Oceans” expedition, scientists are working with microscope systems provided by Carl Zeiss.

Did You Know…

… that ZEISS Is Sailing Around the World?

Over a period of three years, this two-master will sail 150,000 kilometers from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Ocean and back again. Anyone who gets the impression that this is an extended vacation is sorely mistaken – the purpose of this circumnavigation of the globe is the “Tara Oceans” oceanographic expedition. Tara Oceans is being supported by well-known organizations, including the environmental program of the United Nations. There are more than 100 researchers from 50 scientific institutes pursuing a common goal: an in-depth analysis of the oceanic ecosystem.

The members of the expedition are collecting vast quantities of data, which will then be evaluated in various laboratories around the world. Oceanographers, biologists, geneticists, and physicists are working together to combine investigations in 12 research fields. They are gathering data from countless seawater samples taken from various depths; one of their objectives is to clarify possible effects of climate change on ocean life.

The examination of microscopic microorganisms is on the scientists’ to-do list, requiring support from Jena; three ZEISS microscopes are on board for the long sea voyage. As an official outfitter for the expedition, the ZEISS company is providing not only high-quality microscopes, but also objective lenses, cameras, and image analysis software. The seven seas await – so fair winds and following seas!

3 November 2009