German national team coaches Uwe Müssigang and Frank Ullrich (left) rely on optics from ZEISS to monitor the performance and success of their biathletes Carsten Pump (second from the right) and Christoph Knie (right).

Did You Know…

…what Makes German Biathletes So Successful?

At 25, Christoph Knie can already look back on an exceptional career. This biathlete won five gold medals at junior world championships and was even chosen as junior athlete of the year. He is grown up now. Just last September, Knie earned a bronze metal at the summer biathlon world championships in Oberhof, once again demonstrating his able marksmanship.

And Christoph Knie was not the only successful one. With a total of 10 medals, Germany led the medal standings at this 2009 event. What makes the German national team so unbeatable in the biathlon? In addition to stamina, cross-country skiing and shooting require top precision. And when it comes to the latter, athletes know that ZEISS is the one to turn to. Our venerable company supports German biathletes by providing high-quality optics.

German National team coaches Uwe Müssigang and Frank Ullrich use spotting scopes from ZEISS to keep a watchful eye on their protégés. These powerful, high-resolution instruments provide a perfect view of the biathletes’ targets – at 40x magnification. Müssigang and Ullrich can observe precisely how well their team shoots and tailor subsequent training once they have evaluated the targeting accuracy. They recently began using the new ZEISS PhotoScope, which not only enables the two trainers to observe their charges with crystal-clear resolution, but also take pictures and record videos at the same time. ZEISS is also partner to the International Biathlon Union and will be watching from the stands when the World Cup comes to Oberhof on 7 January 2010.

29 December 2009