Multi-discussion system for light microscopes

Did You Know…

…that up to 21 People Can Look Through a Microscope at the Same Time?

For instance, medical students in microscopy classes usually need to use scalpels and dyes themselves. However, many tissue samples are so difficult to handle that existing specimens are used for evaluation. Since the dyes and details exhibit a considerable drop in visual quality when projected onto a monitor or screen, instructors often had to explain all of the minute details to each student individually.

The new multi-discussion system from ZEISS is more efficient. This modular system permits additional co-observer workstations to be linked to the Axio Scope and Axio Imager light microscopes, thereby enabling up to 21 students to view the same object microscopically at the same time.

In class, this allows everyone to view the same microscopic image in the same orientation, making it possible for the instructor to precisely explain the fine structures and color nuances that are crucial for proper diagnosis. To do so, a mobile light pointer is used to mark or navigate around interesting structures or conspicuous histological changes in the specimen.

This gives students ideal preparation for evaluating different tissue specimens.

23 February 2010