Did you know that Bochum has one of the most modern planetariums in Germany?

Did You Know…

…that Bochum Has One of the Most Modern Planetariums In Germany?

Be honest now: What comes to mind when you think of the German city of Bochum? The legendary album by Herbert Grönemeyer, the VfL soccer club, the musical Starlight Express, or that it is the European Capital of Culture? While all this is true, Bochum is also home to one of the largest planetariums in Germany, featuring a dome 20 meters in diameter and attracting 130,000 visitors each year. It will reopen in April with a new attraction: the VELVET digital projection system by ZEISS. This is the leading digital technology for dome projection, offering unparalleled brilliance and clarity.

VELVET complements the traditional UNIVERSARIUM star projector. It enables films about astronomy and space travel, not to mention many new special effects, to be integrated directly into the presentations. Planets can be shown close up, their phases correctly displayed and their movements depicted as visible trails in the sky. Furthermore, all constellations can now be seen at the same time. The video projection superimposes the optical night sky without destroying its brilliance. For the first time, astronomical objects such as gas nebulae and galaxies appear to be embedded in the pitch-black depths of space.

The Wolfsburg planetarium will begin showing even more impressive images from space beginning in March, with the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory in Berlin following suit shortly thereafter.

6 March 2010