Girls’ Day

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Is an Advocate for Young Women In Technical Professions?

A great many young women do not know what career they want to pursue until just before they graduate from high school. And then they tend to think first of the “classic” jobs historically performed by women. And yet for those who are gifted in the natural sciences, there is no reason why they should not enter a technical career.

Girls’ Day on Thursday, 22 April 2010, provides a golden opportunity to try out something new. This is this day when technical companies, universities, and research centers throughout Germany will open their doors to girls in 5th grade and up. Naturally, ZEISS will be also taking part, just like every year. This time, girls will have the opportunity to learn about electronics, polish a lens in Precision Optics, or create metal jewelry that they can take home with them. Or they can conduct a pneumatics exercise to test a basic circuit with an and/or function. Pneumatics is a part of the training for all precision optics, metal, and electronics professions. It is used to implement simple work sequences, such as lowering and raising components by means of compressed air.

However, the efforts of ZEISS to interest women in technical professions are not merely limited to special events like Girls’ Day. The company also actively supports young women, who currently account for nearly 25 percent of all trainees, in its training programs. However, the goal is to increase this number further, both due to a lack of new personnel as well as the fact that women are still underrepresented in technical professions.

20 April 2010