Did You Know…

…what Sunglass Lens Type You Are?

Are you perhaps an easy-going all-rounder to whom a clear picture of a situation is important? Or would you describe yourself as a performer who wants reliable sun protection in every situation and circumstance? Would you like to have a single pair of glasses instead of having to keep switching between application-specific models? Maybe your preference for comfort means that you belong to a special breed of convenience lovers? Or do you simply want to be different from everybody else and make a statement with an unusual design – even when participating in sports? Then you belong to the “individualist” category with regard to sunglass lenses

More and more people are spending their leisure time doing outdoor activities. Plus, many of us are frequently on the go in our working lives as well, shuttling back and forth between the office, the conference room, and the car. Take advantage of the self-tinting eyeglass lenses from ZEISS and make switching from normal glasses to sunglasses a thing of the past! Their variable tinting adapts to changing light conditions by reacting to UV light. In dark rooms, at night, and in poor lighting, these lenses become so clear that they look just like standard eyeglass lenses. But they darken as soon as the sun comes out. If these lenses appeal to you, you are most definitely hooked on convenience.

Here, wearing glasses is “in”: according to a study conducted by the Allensbach Institute in 2008, 62 percent of people over the age of 16 in Germany need corrective eyeglasses. However, only one out of five wearers owns a pair of personalized prescription sunglasses. Often they choose sunglasses based on purely on fashion. But now anyone can find just the right sun protection without having to make any compromises in design. Would you like to find out which sunglasses best fit your lifestyle? In the test “What sunglass lens type are you?” the optics specialist will tell you know what sun protection is right for your eyes.

1 June 2010