Did You Know…

…that 2,000 Inventors Work at ZEISS?

Each and every day, they are tinkering with innovations – the foundation on which the company’s success is built. Their efforts are celebrated every year: ZEISS has been honoring its employees with innovation awards since 2003. The best researchers and developers receive the coveted prize in six categories for their outstanding ideas.

One team increased resolution in lithography, an accomplishment that is resulting in more powerful computer chips. Another team discovered an entirely new field for the INTRABEAM medical system: an intraoperative radiation system that is already being successfully used for treating breast cancer. These are just two examples of the work routinely going on at ZEISS.

In figures: ZEISS employees filed 350 patents with the patent office during the last fiscal year. This is no coincidence, as the company invests higher-than-average sums in research and development: 284 million euros, or 14 percent of earnings. Even during times of financial crisis, this has never been reduced.

29 June 2010