The Primo Vert microscope developed by Carl Zeiss with design assistance by the ART-KON-TOR design agency has been honored the 2010 red dot product design award.

Did You Know…

…when Microscopes Take Center Stage?

When you hear the phrase: "“And the red dot product design award goes to ZEISS!” The Primo Vert microscope is used primarily for conducting quick and reliable inspections of living cells. "The microscope has been on the market since last December, performing life-saving services in routine laboratories and research institutes for cancer, HIV, and other research fields. And now Primo Vert is front and center on stage.

With its all-new design, ergonomic handling, and intuitive operation, the microscope beat out 4,500 competitors to become one of the winners of the 2010 red dot product design award. But it is not the only ZEISS product to take home honors: The OPMI LUMERA 700 surgical microscope and the new Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL spotting scope were also decorated with the coveted red dot award for outstanding design this year.

They are the latest winners in a long line of successes: In the past 10 years, ZEISS has impressed the red dot design award jury almost 20 times. And the company has garnered other renowned prizes from the design industry as well, including the IF Design Award and the Good Design Award. The Primo Vert is not yet ready to rest on its laurels – it has also been nominated for the 2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

27 July 2010