The inside of a solar cell

Did You Know…

…what a Solar Cell Is Made of on the Inside?

No? ZEISS has the perfect tool to help you find out that very thing: the Axio CSM 700. This light microscope makes it possible to perform contactless, highly accurate measurements on solar cells. The resulting image is a three-dimensional, high-resolution, true-color picture of the inside of a solar cell.

Why is it so important to measure photovoltaic cells so accurately? The electrical elements that convert sunlight into electricity must be manufactured with the utmost precision. The Axio CSM 700 microscope has mastered the measuring of minute structures during the production process without damaging them. Not only the standard resolution down to 40 nanometers is guaranteed – this microscope goes even beyond that to show you what’s happening inside the solar cells.

The precise measurements help to make solar cell production more cost-efficient: the microscope assists manufacturers in this endeavor from the research and development phases onwards and throughout the production process. The highly accurate, 3D image provides vital information about the structure in real time, taking up to 117 pictures per second during measurement. That is more than 7,000 per minute – this enables manufacturers to see the inner workings of these complex cells in precise detail.

24 August 2010