A boy of African-American descent kicking towards a goal

Did You Know…

…how Best To Call Attention To Promising Young Soccer Players?

Be it a favela or a dusty sandlot in a South American metropolis: Not only do the kids playing in these places want to forget about their difficult lives, they are also hoping to be discovered by talent scouts from major soccer clubs. However, they have a long and difficult road to travel before their dreams come true, like Cacau from VfB Stuttgart, who escaped the poverty of his childhood in Brazil to join the German national team and win the hearts of fans in both countries.

This is a success story that many people are familiar with. But there is also another way. In his documentary “The Street and the Rag Ball,” the Berlin-based filmmaker Ciro Capellari showed how six boys make the leap to fame in very different ways than their idols did. The director followed these street soccer players around in Columbia, England, Israel, Palestine, Argentina, and Kenya as they seek to use their sport to battle poverty and hopelessness as well as to transform the shattered world in which they live – for themselves and for others.

This is where ZEISS comes into play: Ciro Cappellari selected the new Compact Prime CP.2 cine lens from ZEISS for filming. This lens has been available since April and was specially developed for creating high-quality HD videos with digital SLR cameras. The CP.2 has several mounts, enabling it to be used on different SLR cameras. Thanks to the fact that the familiar outstanding quality from the optical experts in Oberkochen is available at an affordable price, independent movie-makers can also use the professional equipment in a variety of ways. After all, soccer is not the only field where promising talents are the name of the game.

21 September 2010