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…that ZEISS Honors Nobel Prize Winners?

Eric Allin Cornell and Ahmed Zewail were not only honored with the most coveted award in the world; they had also won the Carl Zeiss Research Award a few years earlier. With a cash value of 25,000 euros, this award is bestowed every two years for pioneering achievements in international optical research — next year it will be presented for the 12th time.

Using laser light, Dr. Eric Allin Cornell succeeded in cooling atoms to the required low temperature of 100 nanokelvins above absolute zero. This experiment finally made a long-predicted state of matter accessible for investigation. The jury honored the project with the 1996 Carl Zeiss Research Award. Five years later, a somewhat better-known jury in Stockholm recognized the achievements of the physicist. Zewail received the Nobel Prize for his accomplishments in the field of ultrashort-time physics.

Once again, the summons is going out for outstanding young researchers and leading scientists: Have you accomplished an interesting scientific achievement in basic research or developed an application in the field of optics? If so, please submit your project for the Carl Zeiss Research Award by October 29 for an opportunity to join the distinguished award winners.

5 October 2010