Carl Zeiss cinemizer

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Has Developed a Movie Theater to Go?

Imagine the following situation: You’re traveling by train from Munich to Hamburg and listening to music. Yet your iPod has more than just music – your favorite movie is stored on it as well. So you decide to watch it on the trip. You take out a pair of video glasses, connect them to your iPod, put them on, and voilà: you are suddenly in the middle of your own personal movie theater. If this sounds like a cool fantasy, it gets even better: It has already become reality!

The ZEISS cinemizer simulates a 115 cm (45 inch) screen at a distance of two meters. You can watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want: on a plane, at the pool, at the gym, or even if you have to sit in a waiting room for what seems like forever. Simply put it on, turn it on, and start watching.

The cinemizer’s sophisticated design hails from the internationally renowned Frog design agency. This mobile personal theater is available in five different color combinations. And if the movie is a long one – not a problem. The cinemizer has a battery life of at least four hours. Eyeglass wearers have the ability to make adjustments of up to +/-3.5 diopters for each eye individually. The adjustable earpieces and replaceable nose pads provide a perfect fit for everyone. The outstanding wearability ensures that you will be able to focus your full attention on the movie. And you will be well prepared for the cinema of the future: just press a button, and 3D movies let you be part of the action.

“Are we there yet?” will be a thing of the past. You may even find yourself wishing that your trip would last just a little bit longer! Now, only the train’s intercom can bring your movie experience to a premature end: “In a few minutes, we will be arriving at Hamburg Central Station.”

19 May 2008