Did You Know…

…the Fastest Way To Handle Shortsightedness?

More than half of the adults in Germany have vision problems. Shortsightedness, technically referred to as myopia, is the most common impairment. A quarter of the German population is thus unable to see distant objects clearly. While eyeglasses and contact lenses help, this condition can be permanently corrected with laser treatment.

Using a procedure called lenticular extraction, eye specialists remove a small lens in the cornea called the lenticle. Employees at ZEISS have now developed a new surgical method to make this procedure even easier: ReLEx combines the frequently used femtosecond technology with innovative lenticular extraction. What does this mean specifically? Doctors need only one laser system to carry out the treatment. And this single system produces better clinical results than those of the conventional laser correction of myopia using two laser systems.

This is not only good news for eye specialists, but also for patients who benefit from ReLEx: the treatment takes less time than with other laser systems and is not accompanied by unpleasant noises and smells. This gentle method causes little pain and the post-op period is likewise free of complications. After all, Two sharp eyes are better than one.

2 November 2010