Hannah Stenzel from the Lobdeburg School in Jena examining an onion skin with the Primo Star.

Did You Know…

…where the Land of Ideas Is?

We are right in the middle of it – ZEISS in Jena is one prime example. This is where specialists develop and manufacture high-quality microscopes. Once a year – at the “Children’s Microscopy Day” - the young people are in the spotlight rather than the scientists. On November 11, the nationwide German competition “365 Places in the Land of Ideas” made Children’s Day one of the “Select Places of 2010” in the Land of Ideas, along with eight other projects in Thuringia.

In November, it was that time of year again: 350 sixth and seventh graders from Jena schools enjoyed a very special science lesson at ZEISS’ 6th “Children’s Microscopy Day” in Jena. Experts demonstrated how to discover all sorts of things with a microscope. The pupils’ day started with a few brief instructions from the specialists. Then the young scientists were invited to examine specimens themselves.

For example, they were able to observe the life in a drop of water at more than 100x magnification; they had also been asked to bring along some objects of their own. The pupils can now answer questions about the inner workings of a leaf, what a cross-section of paper has to offer, or what the surface of a hair looks like. On “Children’s Microscopy Day” the high-tech company invites young people to explore the fascinating world of research.

16 November 2010