Skifahrer auf schneebedeckten Gipfel vor blauem Himmel


Skifahrer auf schneebedeckten Gipfel vor blauem Himmel

Did You Know…

…that Ski Goggles Will Get You Down the Slope With Greater Safety?

Sunny skies, a perfectly groomed ski run, and a day pass in your pocket: this is how ski and snowboard enthusiasts imagine a perfect winter day. Unfortunately, all too often they suffer a rude awakening when they crash into someone in front of them because they were blinded by the sun. They could have prevented this by wearing appropriate ski goggles.

Winter sports are extremely stressful on the eyes: the streaming air, cold temperatures, higher UV levels in the mountains, and up to 90 percent greater reflection of the sun’s rays off the white snow. This can bleach the retina, making it more difficult to adapt to changes from light to dark and reducing vision considerably. As a result, even accident-free days can come to a painful end due to heavy tear flow, red eyes, and even cramps in the eyelids.

High-quality ski goggles can prevent these symptoms:
UVA and UVB protection shields the eyes against the sun’s harmful rays; a hard protective coating repels foreign objects;surfaces that repel water and dirt let you see clearly even in bad weather; and anti-reflective lenses reduce glare. Moreover, ski goggles provide a clear view so that obstacles can be perceived more readily. The GIRO, SPY, and SMITH brand ski goggles with ZEISS optics ensure that winter athletes are not spending their evenings nursing their pain, but living it up at the après-ski party instead.

25 January 2011