Group of children using microscopes

Did You Know…

... …that ZEISS Iinspires the Researchers of Tomorrow?

It is often just a brief, fascinating moment that points the way to the future. Such moments are often what inspire in children – in a playful way – the dream of being a researcher, a passion for experimentation. ZEISS has set #itself the goal of awakening in young people a hunger for technology and natural sciences as early as possible, thereby opening wide the doors to the world of research.

ZEISS has been successfully nurturing an interest in natural sciences for many years through various projects for kids of all ages. At the “Children’s University” in Heidenheim, for example, they receive answers to exciting questions such as: “How do you actually make a telescope?” Since 2005,
ZEISS has been inviting school children to take part in a very special biology lesson on the annual “Children’s Day of Microscopy.” Under the watchful eyes of employees, the boys and girls have the opportunity to use the stereo and laboratory microscopes to examine common objects and observe things like the life contained in a single drop of water.

ZEISS honors young researchers with a school award amounting to 5,000 euros as part of the Germany-wide “Jugend forscht” research competition. On 14 April, young women will have the opportunity to take a closer look at technical trades and the world of optics during Girls’ Day at ZEISS. Since women are still underrepresented in technical professions, ZEISS is purposefully doing all it can to offer them support. And who knows? Maybe this will lead to one of those moments that results in a successful career in research!

5 April 2011