Carl Zeiss Metrology in action

Did You Know…

…that ZEISS Makes it Possible to Read the Newspaper?

When the 0.07-millimeter-thin rolls of paper pass through the rotation machines, every millimeter has to fit perfectly. Millions of letters are printed at just the right position. The four coats of ink must be lined up exactly, since even slight offsetting will put a strain on the eyes of readers. Moving at speeds of up to 115 kilometers per hour, endless rolls of paper are pulled by the machine through the various stations of the printing process. It is essential that everything run smoothly – night after night. After all, you do want to read your paper in the morning, don’t you?

But what does the morning newspaper ritual have to do with ZEISS? All of the processes in the printing production have to harmonize perfectly – printing, folding, and cutting. ZEISS precision metrology comes into play even before printing starts: Measuring machines from ZEISS are used to check the accuracy and fit of the various parts of the fully automated printing machines during assembly. The components need to be manufactured and put together with extreme precision for them to perform top-quality printing on the rolls of paper later. You can rely on ZEISS – day after day.

State-of-the-art technology from ZEISS has another job to do in the newspaper industry as well: During the pre-press phase, the ZEISS Light Engine handles the seamless exposure of traditional pressure plates. They are illustrated using ultraviolet light before being inserted into the printing machine. This guarantees that the selected featured articles actually wind up in your morning reading material.

This is how ZEISS makes sure that nothing goes wrong when the thin sheets of paper are transformed overnight into your morning paper.

30 June 2008