Did you know how cataract is treated in a tropical rainforest?

Cataract surgeries are one of the most common procedures across the globe. But how can such an operation be performed in remote, hard-to-reach places such as the rainforest of Brazil? Here, even simple medical treatments are rarely possible, with patients having to wait 8 to 10 years for cataract surgery.

This is due to the lack of infrastructure, medication and equipment. But this is an area in which many poor people are suffering from cataract. One reason for this is the strong tropical sunlight that damages the eye’s lens, which contributes to the development of the disease.

The Amazon aid campaign was launched in a bid to help people before it’s too late. A dedicated team of doctors, armed with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including systems from ZEISS, travel to remote areas by boat. Upon arrival, they work closely with local doctors to treat the patients in the clinics by drawing on the latest scientific findings. They have been able to perform 3,000 surgeries over the past five years, thus saving this many people from going blind. They also deploy new, less-invasive surgical techniques, which are urgently needed in these remote locations. This results in fewer complications and lower costs during post-surgical treatment. The local doctors are taught how to apply these new surgical techniques. As part of its international commitment to society, ZEISS supports the Amazon campaign.

3 MAY 2017

The complete cataract portfolio from ZEISS

The optics expertize of Carl Zeiss Meditec comes to the fore when providing innovative tools for cataract surgery.

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